Thursday, January 23, 2014

An open letter to Charley

Dear Great great great uncle Charley,

I have yet to learn anything about you i feel like you want to be acknowledged. So far, the only thing I know about you is that you we're born around 1906 in Lewis county Tennessee. Your father was Tom wallace and your mom was Francis Craig. You had 5 siblings but i only have the names of 3. Henrietta Smith, Arbee C. Wallace and Canara Wallace. Arbee was my great grand mother. I wish i would have known to ask about you when i was younger because there is no one left that would remember you. You see, you died before 1927 but i don't exactly when and what year yet. you were so young and your sister Canara died young too, i guess not to long from the time you died. I often wonder what kind of man you were or would become had you not died so young. I had the honor of knowing your sisters, Henrietta and Arbee, and they were wonderful women. Even though you were long gone before i was born, i cant help but to think you didn't go far. It wasn't until maybe a year ago that things started to come together for me. My youngest son Jackson was born in 2008 and we have always called him peanut. My 2nd child, John, has never called him peanut. From the minute he was born, my son always called him Charley but to this day he can never tell me why. He just says that he feels like that was supposed to be his name and that's what he calls him. Was that you? I often joke and call him "my little old man" because people who talk to him always say "he's been here before". I have a lot of questions about our family and about you.
This is just the beginning, you and I will talk again. Tell the family to get ready because i need them to be ready to speak loud and clear when it's their turn.

Until next time unc.....................................


  1. I love your open letter, I like the way you did that!!! Great post! Looking forward to future Charley post as you find out more:)

  2. Call Them Out! I can't wait to hear more. He'll be sending some good things your way. Love the nickname for the baby.